Once upon a time Apple started a colourful lineup of personal all in one computer, called iMac. This sort of computer got iconic due to its form and the availabilty in colours. Over the years the iMac lost its colours and was only available in a silver finish (and grey for the iMac Pro) up to this year. Apple gave the iMac back its soul within the release of a totally new redesigned iMac 24inch that comes in colours.

This comeback of colours Apple uses in its marketing campaign for the machine. In this article I wanna show how genius Apple is by doing this and how Apple shows us in a pandemic time: the iMac 24inch is a computer for everyones home that brings happiness into your life.

How does Apple wanna us see the colourful iMac 24inch?

Apples genius Marketing Clip for the colourful 24inch iMac on Youtube

To learn from Apples Marketing I will focus on this beautiful Youtube clip that shows the potential of the new machine and want us to feel the experience. How could Apple reach this goal?

  • Apple shows us a clear target persona for the new iMac: Not Pros, but everyone, a family. The clip shows the iMac with people out of nearly each group: A dad, a man, women, children, students, nearly erveyone.
  • To show that the new iMac can do everything, the iMac is shown in different locations within a house: living room, kitchen, mini appartements. The buyer should get the impressione: Hey you can have the iMac everywhere and it looks sexy
  • The iMac is designed within a pandemic situation: So the Clip also shows that you can work with the iMac from home presenting its new smart webcam during a video call.
  • Apple also shows a variety of tasks the iMac can manage:
  • To get this feeling of a new personal Alli-in-One-Computer you must have even more the Apple uses a happy song and shows life is happy with the different colours of the iMac. Furthermore there are 360 degree camera movements which try to get audience even more deeper into the scene.

Did the Marketing Campaign work for Apple?

Yes. Apple reached its goal to show the iMac 24inch the World as a product which is for everyone. If you have a look at different reviews from technical journalists the all share the same opinion: The new iMac 24inch is a great computer for everyones home that even can do tasks of a professional workflow. The new lineup with the great range of colours is intended to makes people happy.

That the new iMac sells could can also be shown in the availability of the machine: If you now order one, you have to wait until the end of August to get your delivery. Well done Apple! Your marketing helped you to make people see the iMac as you designed it! From now the people will say: Oh, that is the colorful iMac!

I am blue: the new iMac 24inch by Apple
I am blue: the new iMac 24inch by Apple

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